Frequently Asked Questions - Qualtry

Frequently Asked Questions

Item arrived damaged

Although we do all we can to prevent our items from getting damaged, things happen and sometimes our customers end up having a damaged item. If you are one of them, please send an email to our support team with the picture of the damaged product along with the order number, and we'll send you a replacement right away, for no additional charge.

Spelling error or other imperfection on the design

We do our best to make sure your products are customized exactly how you wanted, but because of the human factor, and because of the nature of the personalization business, our designers have been known to make a few mistakes here and there (don't tell them we said that...). If your item has a spelling error or other kind of design imperfection, please send us a picture of that item along with your order number, and we'll send you a replacement right away, for no additional charge. 

Expired discount code

We have extended the expiration dates of all of our Groupon and LivingSocial redemption codes, and you should be able to place your order using the expired codes. If you have one, and for some reason it still does not work, please read the Which code to use question below. If that doesn't help, please email us your code, and we'll help you out!

Which code to use

When you purchase a deal from Groupon or LivingSocial, you receive a few different codes and numbers and sometimes it can be confusing which one is the redemption code you need to use to place your order. The codes from both of these companies look similar, and they are a combination of random letters and numbers. The Groupon codes always start with letters GP, and the LivingSocial codes start with letters LS. A typical redemption Groupon code will look like this: GPXXXX-xxxxxxxxx, and a Living social code looks similar:  LSXXXX-xxxxxx.

Can I apply multiple codes to my order?

No, you can only apply one discount/redemption code to an order. If you have multiple codes, you cannot combine them for a better shipping rate. You need to place multiple orders (one per code)

My code is for many items, can I still customize each item with different names?

Yes! In order to do that you need to customize the first item and place it in the shopping cart,  then you can leave the cart and repeat that process for the rest of your items. Once all of your items are in your shopping cart and they are all customized with the names you wanted, you can go ahead and check out. 

How do I apply the redemption code to my order? 

You can apply your redemption code or any other discount code to your order at checkout, by entering it in the text field that reads "Gift card or discount code". Once the code is entered, simply click the Apply button and you will see the difference in pricing.  If you forgot to enter your code, or your code did not get applied, please do not cancel or reorder - simply send an email to with your code and we'll apply it for you.

Can I slightly change the standard design?

We usually engrave our products according to the format of the design you've selected along with the information (names, date) you've provided. However, sometimes our customers want to make little changes, like entering names or a phrase instead of the date, or leaving the "THE" part off of some of our designs, or not including the date, etc. We can surely do those changes for you. Simply leave a note for our designers in the notes section with a brief explanation about how you want your item to look.

Phone number for customer service

We are currently operating from a temporary location, until our new facility is finished. Because of this, we don't have a phone system set up and cannot make or receive phone calls (thank goodness for Al Gore - because our internet works great!). We realize that the absence of a phone number is not very convenient for our customers, and we sincerely apologize for that. Mid-2016 we will also offer full phone support! But for now, please email us your questions. It's definitely faster than telegraph.