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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I place my order?

1- If you have purchased a discount code, you can search for the specific item using the “search” bar on the top right of the page. Or you can browse for different items using the “Products” tab in the middle of the page near the top.


2- Once you have found the item you would like (or the one your code is good for), you will first need to select which design you would like from the drop down menu (and color if applicable). The design names are based on the example names found on the images to the left. You can hover the mouse cursor over any image to see it in closer detail.

3-After selecting the design, several new boxes will show up asking for the information needed for that design. Fill in all the spaces with the names and dates that you would like on your order.

4- With your item now personalized, you can click “Add to Cart”. Once in your cart, you have another opportunity to adjust the quantity as well as make any last minute changes to your order by pressing the edit button. You can also leave a note for us in the box below the item(s) if you have specific instructions about your order. If you want to add another item to your cart, click “Continue Shopping”. Otherwise click “Go to Checkout”

5-Before you enter checkout, a disclaimer will appear to remind you to double check the information you entered for the customization. Once the order is placed, we are not able to make changes to the order. Please either go back and make the corrections if needed, or proceed to checkout by letting us know that everything is perfect.

6-In the checkout screen you will be asked to enter your shipping and billing information as well as the shipping method. In the top right of the page there is an area to enter your discount code. Once you have entered the discount code, click Apply and the value of the code should be deducted from your order total. Make sure you have the correct quantity for your code! (Remember you can only use one coupon code per order)

7- Once all of the above steps are completed you can click “Complete Order” to finalize your order.

What are the shipping prices?

We calculate the shipping for orders based on the product, quantity and shipping address. Once you have added your items to the cart and have provided your shipping address, you are shown several different shipping options with the charges listed. These charges are shown before the order is placed, allowing you to clearly see how much you will be charged for the product, shipping and taxes. Shipping rates shown on Groupon apply only to orders being shipped within the U.S. The “Flat Rate” and “Standard” Shipping rates usually take 3-5 days for the item to arrive after it ships. (Delivery speeds are dependent on where the order is being shipped.) Please note that selecting a faster shipping option does not affect the processing time for the order. Orders can take up to 7-10 business days to be processed before they are shipped. 

What should I do if I do not see any design drop down menu?

The drop down menu is located above the Add to Cart button. If the box is not showing, please try refreshing the page, or using a different browser to place your order. If you have tried both these options and the drop down menu is still not showing, please add the item to the cart and in the Notes to Qualtry message box, please include your customization for the product, including the design choice. The design/font style matches the last name featured in the images of the item.

Can I still order a product that is out of stock?

Due to the popularity of certain items, sometimes our products do go temporarily out of stock. If the item you are interested in is currently sold out, it can not be ordered or put on a waiting list. Please know that we are doing all we can to make the item available again quickly. Once we have the item back in stock, it will be available to order on our website. If you have a discount code that expires soon, please see our FAQ regarding expired discount codes.

Can I ship to different addresses?

If you are wanting to ship your items to different addresses, you will need to place a separate order for each address. (Please remember only one code can be used per order. If you would like your code split into separate codes so you can place multiple orders please contact us at

Can I send an order as a gift order?

If you would like to send your order to someone as a gift order, please leave us a note in the Note to Qualtry message box in the shopping cart. Your order will then be sent to the recipient without the billing information on the packing slip.

Can I leave a message for the recipient?

If you would like to leave a note for the recipient of the order, just leave the message in the Notes to Qualtry message box in the shopping cart and it will be included in the order. Make sure to let the designers know this is a note intended for the recipient.

What is the status of my order?

When we receive an order, the computer sends the information to our designers as soon as it is placed. Once your order is personalized and inspected for quality, your order is then shipped. Please see our Shipping / Delivery Policy page for more information on the time frame for orders. ( If for some reason your order hasn’t shipped after the allotted number of business days, please contact our support team at and include your order number.



Can I customize each item with different names?

If you would like different personalization on each item, you will need to customize the first item and place it in the shopping cart. You can then leave the cart by clicking on Continue Shopping, allowing you to personalize the next item. You can also search for your next item to personalize by using the search bar in the top right of the page. Repeat that process for the rest of your items. Once all of your items are in your shopping cart you can then proceed to checkout. For instructions on how to place an order please see FAQ on How do I place my order?

Can I slightly change the standard design?

We engrave our products according to the format of the design you've selected along with the information (names, date) you've provided. If you would like to make little changes, like entering names or a phrase instead of the date, leaving "THE" off of some of our designs, or not including the date, etc. We can do those changes for you. Simply leave a note for our designers in the Notes to Qualtry section found in the shopping cart, with a detailed explanation about how you want your item to look.

Can I create my own design?/custom order?

If you would like to send us an image or design that you would like on your order, please email our sales department at They will help make sure your item is customized the way you want. Please note that discount codes from other companies, like Groupon and Living Social cannot be used on custom design orders.


Discount Codes:

Can I use my expired discount code?

We have extended the expiration dates of all of our Groupon and LivingSocial redemption codes, and you should be able to place your order using the expired codes. If you have an expired code and it still does not work, please read the Which code to use question below. If that doesn't help, please email us at with your code, and we'll help you out!

Which code do I apply to the order?

When you purchase a deal from Groupon or LivingSocial, you will receive a discount code(s) that you can then apply to an order on our website. The codes will be a combination of random letters and numbers. The Groupon codes always start with letters GPN, and the LivingSocial codes start with letters LS. A typical redemption Groupon code will look like this: GPNXXXX-xxxxxxxxx, and a Living social code looks similar: LSXXXX-xxxxxx.

How to apply the redemption code to the order?

You can apply your discount code to your order at checkout by entering it in the text field that reads "Gift card or discount code". Once the code is entered, simply click the Apply button and you will see the discount applied to your order. Please make sure that the quantity in your cart matches the quantity that the code is good for as the code can only be used once.

How do I apply multiple codes?

If you have multiple discount codes, separate orders will need to be placed for each code as our system will only allow one code per order. If you have multiple codes, we cannot combine them for a better shipping rate.

What do I do if the code did not apply/ I forgot to apply the code to the order?

If your code did not get applied or you forgot to enter your code, please do not place the order or reorder. Double check that you entered the code correctly. If the code still does not work or the order is already placed, send an email to with your discount code and order number if applicable.


Damaged or Incorrect Orders:

What do I do if my order arrives damaged?

We do all we can to prevent your items from getting damaged during shipping, however, accidents do happen. If your order arrives damaged, please send an email to with a picture of the damaged product along with the packing slip, and the order number. We will then send you a replacement for no additional charge.

What do I do if I did not receive the correct quantity?

First check your packing slip to make sure that your order was not split for production purposes. If it was split, you will receive the rest of your order soon. If you used a discount code on your order, please remember that your must adjust the quantity on your order to match the quantity that your code is good for as most of our products are not sold in sets but rather individually. If the quantity did not match the code, email us at with your order number. We will be able to give you a new code to cover the cost of the remaining items, you will just be charged shipping.

What do I do if there is a spelling error or other imperfection on the design?

We do our best to make sure your products are customized exactly how you want, but because of the nature of the personalization business, mistakes happen. If your item arrives different than how you ordered it, please send us a picture of that item along with your packing slip and order number to and we'll send you a replacement for no additional charge.

What do I do if I make a mistake on my order?

When placing your order, a disclaimer will appear before entering checkout to remind you to double check the information you entered for the customization. Once the order is placed, we are not able to make changes to the order. If you need the customization changed on the order after you have placed it, please contact us at with your order number and the item that is incorrect. We will be able to give you a code to have the order redone, however you will be charged for shipping. Please note that some of our items do have a restocking fee that may be deducted from the code for the item.

Can I change the shipping address on my order?

If you need to make a change to the shipping address on your order, email us at with your order number and new shipping address. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to change the address but we will do our best.

What do I do if I do not like my product?

If you are not happy with the product you ordered, please visit our Refund/Return Policy page. (

What do I do if I do not see the notes that I left on my confirmation email?

If you left a note to our designers in Notes to Qualtry, don’t worry if you do not see your notes in your confirmation email, our designers will see your notes.

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